General Dentistry

Professional dental cleansing, mouth guards and dental whitening.

Professional dental cleansing is an insurance for your smile.

The dentist will remove all the plaque and stains the brush and dental floss are not capable of removing. Smokers and wine, coffee and tea fans are advised to perform them at the indicated times to avoid making their stains permanent stains on their teeth.

Two professional dental cleanings should be performed annually on average, more often if you have multiple restorations, which will help them maintain in a better manner for a longer time.

The purpose of a professional dental cleaning is not only remove plaque, as it is in these sessions where the dentist is able to recognize and stop nascent lesions found in the preliminary visual examination with the aid of a fluorescence camera (Spectra) in the first stage.
Furthermore, this is an educational and motivational instance of oral health, where with the help of an intraoral camera the dentist will show you the most critical areas of cleaning and proper care you should have.
This investment will save you in the long run financially, as diagnosing problems at an early stage will require simpler, faster and cheaper solutions.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular options for improving oral aesthetic is teeth whitening. A white and radiant smile is certainly a good presentation card. The tone of the teeth is determined by the color of the dentin which darkens with age, though other factors such as eating habits, tobacco, and hygiene also influence.

What does it consist of?

There are in-office and self administration whitening systems , both are effective . After a preliminary examination it is determined which option best fits your needs. The in-office treatment is instantaneous , since it has a higher concentration of bleaching agent , and allows the protection of sensitive areas and gums . Home whitening treatment takes a few days , and the patient undergoes treatment at home with a bleaching agent in a lower concentration through custom made trays previously done at the dental office.


The use of a mouth guard prevents or minimizes the severity of dental injuries during sports in children and adults.
Mouth guards are made in the laboratory from a model that replicates the exact shape of the teeth, ensuring maximum comfort, adaptability, and protection.
Preventing dental injuries in your children or yourself will save future painful and costly dental problems.

Custom made mouthguard benefits vs. Universal mouth guard

  • Comfortable
  • Better adaptation decreases impact on teeth and gums in case of an accident
  • Allows proper talking
  • Allows breathing without difficulty
  • Protects teeth and gums without distracting from the experience of sport

How should I take care of my mouthguard?

  • Rinse it with cold water after each use and store dry
  • Store it in a rigid plastic case
  • Do not leave it in sunlight and high temperatures as it may deform
  • In case of damage replace it


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© 2018 Roberto Gutiérrez A. y Asociados