Oral health

It is important to self-knowledge risks and personal conditions, in order to establish according to your needs a custom protocol. We seek to encourage our patients to have an active participation in their own oral health, through education, identification, and communication of discomfort and concerns to your dentist.

Preventive care

The goal is not to “fix problems ” already placed in your mouth, but to prevent them from appearing in the future. We believe in preventive care.

The type of care that does not only treat problems as they occur but identifies problem areas and slows its progression before they become more serious and expensive to treat.


Regular checks

  • Professional teeth cleansing is a crucial preventive tool and helps keep teeth and restorations over time.
  • Using advanced technology as intraoral cameras helps us evaluate the condition of your mouth
  • Using Digital Radiography provides better diagnostic images and reduce radiation exposure

Your Mouth is Connected to Your Whole Body

Systemic conditions may affect your gums and teeth, regular check-ups and professional cleanings should be done in these high-risk patients.

Oral Health during pregnancy

50-70% of women suffer at some point during their pregnancy, generally second or third month, gum problems due to hormonal changes.
Gums can become:

  • Red and swollen
  • Bleeding
  • Hypersensitive

Gum problem has been associated with low birth weight babies and pre-term labor.

Oral Health in diabetic patients

Diabetes reduces the body’s resistance to any infection, this is why tartar accumulation generates even greater swelling in diabetic gums if it is not removed.
Chances of suffering gum and its subjacent bone disease (Periodontitis) are high, this is why professional dental cleaning acquire special importance.


Other oral symptoms

  • Burning mouth syndrome
  • Fungal infections (oral candidiasis)
  • Dry mouth (xerostomia)

Oral Health in smokers

How does smoking affect my mouth?

  • Progressively yellow-brown stained teeth
  • Greater and faster tartar accumulation
  • Bad breath
  • Gum problems
  • Oral cancer

In your checkup appointments your tongue, cheeks, and throat will be examined thoroughly to detect any abnormality or cancer sign at an early stage.

Performing professional dental cleansings is of great importance in these patients, as it will help them preserve the aesthetics of their smiles, help battle their bad breath, and diminish their bacterial load that comes from the tartar in order to prevent or stop their gum disease.
A dental bleaching is a good option to return the whiteness of your smile lost due to smoking.

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© 2018 Roberto Gutiérrez A. y Asociados

© 2018 Roberto Gutiérrez A. y Asociados